Back to School themed baby shower Arts and Crafts Table

What children’s library would be complete without an Alphabet book?

Since this was going to be Donna’s third child, it seemed a bit foolish to ask guests to give advice to the mother-to-be.  But, I still wanted an activity that served as a guest book and special keepsake from the guests.  While surfing the web for shower ideas, I came across Tied With A Bow who featured a Baby’s First Alphabet Book for a shower she co-hosted.  I thought, “How perfect!”.  I knew Donna would love it for her daycare and the baby and Jon would truly appreciate it being the artistic guy that he is.  As a matter of fact, he’s the one that handles all the arts and crafts at the daycare.

The concept is so simple and the work so easy.

Back to school themed baby shower Alphabet Book Instructions

Step 1: Design a page for each letter

Diy alphabet book A, B, Cs

diy Blank Alphabet Book

Step 2: Ask guests to decorate a page and sign their name at the bottom

diy baby shower alphabet book Kids Drawing

diy baby shower alphabet book Wordsdiy baby shower alphabet book Guest Drawingdiy baby shower alphabet book Guest Finished Drawing

Step 3: Compile all pages into a lovely alphabet book keepsake for mommy-to-be.

diy project back to school themed alphabet book - A for Appleback to school themed baby shower diy alphabet Completed Book

Both young and old were eager to participate in this special activity for the baby.  By the end of the shower we had a complete alphabet book!

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