Super Mario Dessert Table

“It’s-a-me, Mario! What a tasty treat!” Super Mario 64 & Advance

In every video game, the most important item to retrieve or earn is your life source.  Without it, you might as well say, “game over”. In designing the dessert table, I wanted to mirror this same concept by creating a grand Super Mario dessert table and calling it the “Power Station”. After hours of competition, the boys could come here and refuel their energy by getting a sugar fix.

Lucky for this birthday boy, his proud mama is also the sweets expert and owner of Piece of Cake.  Using Super Mario Kart as our inspiration, there was no end to the creativity behind this scrumptious table.

super mario dessert table

super mario dessert table cake

The centerpiece of the table was of course the 3 tier Mario Cake.  The layers represented Mario games: Original Mario Brothers and Mario Kart. The cake was also topped with a number of mini Mario character figurines.  Believe it or not, we got a steal purchasing the whole lot of figurines from Ebay for a whopping (drum roll please)… $9! Talk about a deal!

super mario kart cakesuper mario kart cake figurinessuper mario mushroom pops

On the 1st tier was the infamous castle, (the source of my video game frustration. See part 1 for the back story.), with Mario perched on top.

super mario cupcakes and cookies

Custom Mario character cookies and cupcakes with Mario and Sonic toppers.

super mario star pops

Star Candy Pops in a bowl of peanut M&Ms.

super mario dessert tablesuper mario assorted candy

Chewy gummy candy.

super mario Mushroom Pops Close Up

Mushroom Marshmallow Pops in a bowl of caramel popcorn

super mario cupcake race track

Cupcake racetrack

super mario ring pops

Ring Pops

super mario chocolate pretzels

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

super mario kart desserts and cupcakes

super mario chocolate moustache and m&ms

Chocolate Mustache pop in a bowl of M&Ms.

super mario dessert table cupcakes and candy

More cupcakes, pixie sticks and mini chocolate stars.

super mario dessert table

This table was exploding with candy and desserts!  All the kids remained pumped up to play throughout the tournament and there was still more than enough goodies to fill their bags and bring sweets home.  My apologies to all the parents for sending your kids home on a sugar high with additional fuel.

Thank you Abby for your colorful and tasty treats and to my hubby and nieces for their help with the backdrop.  This may be my favorite table yet!

To see more photos from this fun party, click here.



Candy and Desserts: Piece of Cake

Table Design & Paper Goods: Love Every Detail

“Power Station” Banner Design & Print: Jah Screen & Impact Graphics

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Reply April 19, 2012

Hi im gonna be having a mariobros theme party in 3 weeks. was wondering were you got the star shaped lolipops i seen them at joanns but they only had the star candy mold. do you know any where else i can find them?

    Lederle Tecson
    Reply April 19, 2012

    Hi Crystal! The star lollipops shown here were created by Piece of Cake. You can contact her at for more information. Happy planning!

Reply April 23, 2012

This was great!!! Did you just purchase a regular race track from the toy store?

    Lederle Tecson
    Reply April 23, 2012

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the party Lanee. The race track used belonged to the birthday boy and was store bought. Unfortunately, I don't know the brand or model but hopefully this information has been useful.

Reply May 31, 2012

Where did you get the printables that went around the cake? Its adorable!

    Lederle Tecson
    Reply June 9, 2012

    Hi Alexis! So glad you enjoyed our Super Mario Cake. The cake was created by Piece of Cake. You can contact them at for more information regarding the images used. Happy Planning!

Reply August 22, 2012

where did u get the mario Chewy gummy candy i cant find them any where???

    Lederle Tecson
    Reply August 23, 2012

    The Super Mario gummies were purchased from Dollar Tree a year ago. You may find something similar at Party City or Toys R Us.

Mary Reid
Reply August 23, 2013

I LOVE your party! I just ordered Mario hats but they are coming from China and I am worried they won't be here in time for my son's party! Where did you find the Mario hats? His party is Sunday, Sept. 15th. Can you help point me in the right direction. Those would be perfect!

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Reply November 20, 2015

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