DIY Project: Party Hats

As promised on our Modern Dinner Party post, below are the instructions to make your very own party hat!

diy project - party hats


  • Styrofoam Cones
  • Plastic Headbands (purchased at Dollar Tree: 3 headbands/$1)
  • Scrap Materials (fabric, wrapping paper, ribbon, pearls, feathers, etc.)
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors

party hat materials

party hat materials - beads

Step 1: Decorate your styrofoam cone. Let your creative juices run wild. Wrap your cone with fabric or wrapping paper. Embellish with feathers, lace, faux jewels, ribbon, etc. Tip: all the items used to decorate our hats were scraps found around the house.

crafting the party hats

crafting the party hats

crafting the party hats

Step 2: Glue a piece of ribbon to the bottom of the cone

crafting the party hats

Step 3: Wrap ribbon around headband and glue to secure.

crafting the party hats

Step 4: Let dry and enjoy!

diy project - party hats showcase

diy project - party hats showcase

Hope this fun project can be used at your next event to entertain your guests and get silly with hats!

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I am a practical, do-it-yourself gal who appreciates the small details that make each event truly special. I hope the ideas and inspiration at Love Every Detail will bring out your creative side and make the process of planning your event a little easier. Remember…it’s in the details!


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