DIY Project: 3D Rain Cloud Backdrop

While searching for inspiration for our April Showers Baby Shower, I came across a cute rainy day mobile craft on Mini Eco which was featured in OKIDO magazine. I thought it would be perfect for our backdrop and possibly someone’s nursery decor.

april showers dessert table


  • Paper
  • Assortment of Colored Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided Tape
  • Thread / Fishing Line
  • Raindrop Template
  • Pomander Balls (purchased from Party City for $6.99/pack of 3)
  • Blue wrapping paper / fabric for backdrop

3d rain drop materials

1. Find a raindrop image to serve as your template (I searched using google images) Print and cut out.

3d rain drop materials 2

2. Place raindrop template on top of colored paper and trace.

cut rain drops

3. Cut out new raindrop and fold down the middle. For each 3D raindrop you will need 4 raindrop shapes.

cut 3d rain drops

cut 3d rain drops 2

4. Glue raindrops in pairs.

5. Take a length of thread / fishing line and tape it to one of the raindrop halves. Then stick the other raindrop half on top.

3d rain drops with string

6. Stick as many raindrops to the same length of thread / fishing line, as desired.

3d rain drops with string 2

7. Assemble Pomander Ball as per instructions on packaging.

8. Attach thread / fishing line to center of pomander ball.

9. Hang Pomander balls to blue backdrop and Enjoy!

example of 3d rain drops

Share your creative uses of these adorable 3D raindrops.


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