Kid Approved Breakfast Bar

With the school year coming to a close, I’m sure some are already beginning to plan play dates for your little ones. One simple and fun idea is to host a kid friendly cereal / snack buffet. Mother’s will be impressed by the sweet gesture and kids will be excited for such a special treat.  During our Church Easter Sunrise Service last April, we prepared a last-minute breakfast bar for our kids. It’s not easy getting little ones out of bed before the break of dawn and dressing them in their Sunday’s best, but these kiddos are certainly troopers. To help them get their energy flowing, we pumped them full of sugar with a selection of 6 cereals (apple jacks, lucky charms, cocoa puffs, fruit loops, trix, and pops), rice krispy bars, mini donuts, mini cinnabon rolls and individual milk bottles. All the edible goodies are store bought which is great for busy moms.  The milk bottles were mini water bottles refilled with milk. (don’t worry, we saved the water for drinking later) I never realized how much kids love Lucky Charms. I’m actually more of a Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Honeycombs kind of girl. Another huge hit were the rice krispy treats. By the end of the morning both young and big kids left with full bellies and an empty table.

kids breakfast cereal bar

kids breakfast cereal bar and milk

breakfast bar rice krispies

kids waiting in line for breakfast bar

milk in little water bottles

cinnamon rolls

kids waiting in line for breakfast bar

rice krispies, milk, and cereal

kids eating from the breakfast bar

breakfast bar milk and donuts

kids breakfast bar

kids breakfast bar line

breakfast bar trix and pops cereal

breakfast bar donuts

kids waiting in line for breakfast bar

kid eating cocoa puffs cereal

kids breakfast bar top view

kids eating from the breakfast bar

breakfast bar milk in small water bottle

breakfast bar cereal and fun

breakfast bar trix cereal

kids breakfast bar almost finished

I hope this simple post has inspired you to prepare a breakfast table that everyone can enjoy! Like they say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”

*Carafes and cereal jars purchased at Walmart

*Edible Goodies purchased at local grocery store



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