Game On! Dessert Table

The coolest trend at the moment for kid’s birthday parties is the Video Game Truck.  Whoever thought of putting a bunch of tv screens and gaming consoles in the back of a large truck is a genius. Recently I was asked to create a dessert table based on the general theme of video games instead of just a specific game. This task was pretty difficult considering the number of gaming consoles out there.  I narrowed my design to the top 3 (Wii, Xbox, and Playstation) and divided the table based on color and console. My dear friend Abby of Piece of Cake created all the intricate game controllers and fondant cupcake toppers.  She made Wii remote pops, Xbox and Playstation controller pops, as well as fondant Wii remotes, Xbox symbol, Xbox controller, and various Playstation controller cupcake toppers. My favorite fondant topper was the mii character image of the birthday boy.  The rest of the table was filled with juice bottles, sugar cookies, and jello cups all in the color schemes of green for Xbox, blue for Wii, and red for Playstation.  The birthday cake was topped with miniature game consoles (aka. gift card holder) and a mii character of the birthday boy. The background was a Power Station banner re-used from our Super Mario Brothers Dessert Table.  I designed juice wrappers and food name cards using the power button as my inspiration.  The dessert table was a huge hit supplying the kids with enough sugar energy to play throughout the evening.

nintendo wii cupcake toppers

microsoft xbox controller pops

sony playstation cupcake toppers

microsoft xbox and sony playstation cake

video games dessert table

video game birthday cake

sugar cookies

microsoft xbox cupcake toppers

power on juice bottles

sony playstation console cake topper

nintendo wii cupcakes

sony playstation controller pop

nintendo wii remote controller pops

microsoft xbox cupcakes

video games inspired dessert table

sugar cookies and jello

nintendo wii cake topper

microsoft xbox remote controller pops

mii cupcake topper

cutting the video game inspired cake

video game console cake

kids at the party

Have you ever attended a birthday party with a Game Truck? Please share your experiences with us!

****Vendor Credit****

*Desserts and Fondant Toppers by Piece of Cake

*Table Styling and Paper Design by Love Every Detail

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Reply February 28, 2013

How did you make the labels for the gatorade bottles?

Reply August 9, 2014

Where can I buy all this!

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