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One of my favorite details from our Princess Baby Shower was the Wishes Station.  I wanted guests to participate in an activity that would be a beautiful keepsake for mom and baby. Most showers have advice cards for the mom-to-be or a book to share well wishes in. I tend to over-think when writing a special note which eventually leads to a sort of writer’s block.  I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if I could just finish a sentence instead?  In the end, the Wish Card was formed.  I think by narrowing the wishes it would allow guest to come up with something more creative and thoughtful to share.

Along with the Wish Card, I have also included a When You Wish Upon a Star banner and chair banners Mom-to-be and Dad-to-be.

Wish Card

when you wish upon a star banner

mom-to-be chair banner

dad-to-be chari sign

Click links to download the printables in high-res PDF format:

* Wish Card

* When You Wish Upon A Star Banner

* Mom-To-Be Chair Banner

* Dad-To-Be Chair Banner

Please share how you’ve incorporated a Wishes Station at your next Baby Shower!

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{Free Printables} “She Said Oui” Bridal Wishes Card
September 02, 2015

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Nicole Drummond
Reply February 16, 2015

This was exactly what we we're looking for, for our Gender Reveal Celebration. The graphics were perfect and it will be a great opening activity for guest to complete once they arrive. Thanks for the post!

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