Yo Gabba Gabba Dessert Table

To celebrate the 6th birthday of Abby’s (Piece of Cake) youngest daughter, she decided to have a Yo-Gabba-Gabba themed party because of Kristine’s love of the show. Apparently, there’s something about this show that has all the kids addicted to it. Maybe it’s all the crazy dancing clips or the catchy songs but it’s pretty entertaining to watch.  I admit, I have only seen one episode of the show myself.  If you’re going to watch one YGG show, you have to watch the one with Jack Black. I was in tears because I was laughing so hard! Thank you to my sister-in-law who insisted I watch that episode. I’m laughing out loud just thinking about it.

I absolutely love how vibrant the colors are in this dessert table. The birthday girl has no single favorite character so we decided to just showcase all of them. The centerpiece was our boombox / cake stand. (simple diy post to come!) The two-tiered cake was made by Abby. If you think the outside is awesome, wait until you see the inside of the cake. She created a six layer rainbow cake and the cake was as yummy as it looked. The other obvious highlight of this table were the five smash cakes of the shows main characters. Yes, you read correctly, there were five! The kids and adults were definitely amazed by the details of the mini fondant cakes. The rest of the dessert table consisted of character colored m&ms, boombox wrapped candy bars, YGG character cookies, macarons, and custom wrapped juice bottles.  The guest tables were topped with YGG character candy pops. All these sugary goodies kept the kids energized to go crazy and dance in their YGG jumper. I was definitely jealous that the adults couldn’t go inside and enjoy the jumper as well. In case they didn’t have enough desserts, the kiddos were given little treat bags to take desserts home.

yo gabba gabba cakes

yo gabba gabba cookies

yo gabba gabba cakes

dj lance rock cookies

custom yo gabba gabba wrapped juice bottles

robot cake and macarons

boombox wrapped candy bars

m&m candy jars

yo gabba gabba cakes

plex fondant topper

yo gabba gabba pops

yo gabba gabba dessert table

yo gabba gabba cake fondant toppers

yo gabba gabba treat bags

yo gabba gabba rainbow cake and cookies

yo gabba gabba candy pops

yo gabba gabba m&m jars

foofa cake and macarons

yo gabba gabba dessert table

custom yo gabba gabba wrapped juice bottles

yo gabba gabba cookies

brobee cake and m&m jars

rainbow cake slice

yo gabba gabba dessert table

As always Abby’s work was incredible. Only the best for her baby girl. Happy Birthday Kristine!

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I love this party! I was wondering where I would find the candy bar labels . Thank you :)

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