DIY Project: Yo Gabba Gabba Boombox

As promised on the Yo Gabba Gabba dessert table post, here is a simple diy project to create a fun boombox for your party.


  • Rectangle Cardboard Box
  • Silver Wrapping Paper (I got mine from Party City for 99 cents)
  • Construction / Card stock Paper
  • Black Marker (Sharpie)
  • Double-sided tape / glue


  • Wrap the Box with silver wrapping paper. Note: make sure the flaps are on the sides of the box since you will need a flat surface to create the front side of the boombox.
  • Cut two large circles with black paper. I used my largest Pyrex bowl to trace a large circle.
  • Cut two smaller circles with red paper. I used a smaller Pyrex bowl to trace the inside circle.
  • Draw horizontal lines on the red circles to create the speaker.
  • Tape / Glue the red circle onto the black circle. Attach to the opposite ends of the box. Your speakers are set.
  • Measure the distance between the two speakers.
  • Cut strips of red, green, yellow, and blue paper based on your measurement and attach between the two speakers.
  • Cut a strip of white paper to go across the four colored strips.
  • Add black squares to the white strip.

You can embellish the boombox as much as you want. In my case I only had enough room to add the small black strips to the edge of the colored strips. Honestly, as long as you have the speakers, colored strips and dials in the center, you’re set!

This boombox can work as a food/cake stand or centerpiece at your Yo Gabba Gabba party. It’s the perfect centerpiece to get the party started. Let’s dance and go crazy!


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