{Rocky Point Lighthouse} Vacation Bible School Nautical Theme

“Where Kid’s Shine God’s Light!” 

For our Church’s annual Vacation Bible School (VBS), we brought the kids to the shores of Rocky Point Lighthouse. My team of volunteers had the task of transforming our church hall into a nautical fun land.  The biggest challenge we had to face was filling the huge space on a modest budget. After some major brainstorming, I decided to divide the room into key spaces with the focal point being the Lighthouse. We searched our church storage for any props we could use and asked our church members for their nautical decor. We covered the walls with an ocean scene setter and used butcher paper to create a shoreline. The second space was our Rocky Point Boardwalk.  We created a small boardwalk for the kids to cross as a bridge to the next space.  We used this area for our Snack Shack, picnic eating area, and a beach front complete with beach towels and chairs for the kids to create their crafts.  The last space was our Rocky’s Bait Shop where our kid’s listened to Bible Adventure stories. We dressed up this room with oars, fishing rods, hooks and nets, everything a fisherman needs to get his job done. One of my favorite props were our flying sea gulls soaring above the kid’s heads. Overall I think our team did a phenomenal job with all the resources we had.  We take pride knowing we were able to create a space where the kid’s could enjoy learning how to Shine God’s Light!

Rocky point lighthouse

anchors and nets on the wall


fun and games

Lighthouse Landing


kids enjoying

Lighthouse beach decor

kids crafts

kids crafts

snack shack

food and snacks

hanging sea gulls

Lighthouse signs

fishing rod decor

bait shop and decor


Stay tuned for a semi-homemade do-it-yourself inspired nautical themed dessert table created for our VBS celebration party.

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Reply July 6, 2013

Awesome. What was used for the rocks/boulders in front of the lighthouse?

Reply May 2, 2014

what item was used for the lighthouse?

Reply May 2, 2014

How did you create the lighthouse?

Reply April 12, 2016


I know it's been a few years, but I was wondering if you or your church happen to stil have the Rocky Point lighthouse VBS kit? I'm trying to get a hold of at least the books. Any info. as to how i can obtain the material would be appreciated.




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