Backyard BBQ 30th Birthday Surprise

What better way to celebrate the BIG 3-0 then with a Surprise Birthday bash?!

For months, Kevin {my bestfriend’s hubby} and I began planning for Leslie’s milestone birthday.  At one point Kevin asked her if she wanted a birthday party to mark her special day and she gave a very firm “no”. She later told me that she didn’t want to burden Kevin with planning the details of the party {what a considerate wife}. Most of all, she wasn’t exactly thrilled to be turning 30 quite yet. After that conversation we decided to continue with our planned celebration ommitting the BIG bash and settling on an intimate gathering of 30 of her closest family and friends.  It worked out beautifully. She welcomed the beginning of a new decade surrounded by the people she loved the most, what more could you ask for?

Her birthday is right smack in the middle of summer, perfect for a laid back outdoor BBQ. Kevin handled the food orders {Lucille’s BBQ of course!} while I took care of the rest of the party details. I knew Leslie would want something casual, colorful, pretty and feminine. Let’s just say she’s a JCrew & Anthropologie kind of gal. Here’s a breakdown of some of the party details:

Invitations: I’ve been really into typography lately so I tried my hand in making a typographical invitation.  The end result captured the casual colorful ambiance of the occasion.

Decorations: I knew right away that I wanted to incorporate photographs in the decor, sort of a walk down memory lane. Everyone responded quickly and plentifully to my request for photos that I had such a hard time selecting which ones would make the final cut. It was fun laughing at the fashion and hairstyles and reminiscing on the memories captured in each photo.  This was definitely Leslie’s favorite decor.

Centerpieces: My best friend loves flowers.  While I didn’t have the budget to create huge floral centerpieces, I did find colorful pots on clearance at Michael’s for $1.99. I decided that I would purchase potted plants/flowers from Home depot (1.99 -2.99) and repot them.  It fit perfectly with our backyard bbq theme and cost less than $5 each.

Dessert Table: I always like to create a focal point in the room which most often is the dessert table. This table captured the pretty & feminine style Leslie loves so much.  First I selected 3 portraits to mark different events in her life: childhood, marriage, and motherhood.  I framed the table with 2 beautiful floral arrangements by my mom.  For the desserts, I decided on ordering 3 mini cakes from Piece of Cake to signify each decade of her life.  Each cake had a very delicate design to appease her aesthetic tastes and carefully selected flavors to satisfy her palate: strawberry flavored pink rosette cake, coffee flavored purple frill cake, and carrot flavored yellow ruffled cake.  She is also a chocoholic so I decided to make mini nutella mousse trifles (recipe to come!).  Since it was summer, fruit tarts were a must and also a family favorite.  Lastly, Leslie’s most recent dessert craze has been for macarons.  I ordered Piece of Cake’s most popular flavors which also happened to match the color scheme of the party: mango, coffee, pistachio, ube and strawberry.

Now on to the photos…

surprise birthday invite

Surprise 30th Birthday

Surprise Birthday Photo Streamers

Potted Floral centerpiece

mason jar drinks

Surprise Birthday Tablescape

mason jar drinks

vintage coke bottles

surprise 30th Birthday food

surprise 30th Birthday BBQ

Surprise Birthday Guests

Surprise 30th Birthday Game

Shabby Chic Dessert Table

ruffled cake

mini nutella mousse trifle

rosette cake

fruit tart

purple frill cake

led and leslie

Surprise 30th Birthday


Surprise 30th Birthday

birthday cake

Surprise 30th Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday to my oldest and my cherished best friend! Here’s to many more birthdays to come!

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