{Phantom of the Opera} Masquerade Debut

Many years ago, I had the honor of planning my cousins 18th birthday party {also known as a “debut”}, a huge deal in the Filipino culture. Her mom definitely wanted a traditional debut, but Jeremie was intent on adding her own personal touch to the event.  In then end we decided on a musical themed debut which later transformed into a more “Phantom of the Opera” Masquerade Party.  Her brother designed the programs which imitated the Playbill found at a Broadway show. He also created a huge Poster to welcome the guests to the evening’s show.  All special performances were a cover of a Broadway musical song {“The Last Night of the World” and “All I Ask of You” to name a few}. The highly traditional debutante dance consisting of 9 of her closest guy and girl friends was modified to a more modern dance set against the “Masquerade” song from the Phantom of the Opera. It was a hit among the guests! The decor consisted of a black, white, gold and red color scheme. Centerpieces were a mixture of candle lit goblets or tall masquerade mask arrangements. The program was filled with dance, music, laughter and tears, everything necessary for a successful show!

Scroll down for photos of our Masquerade Ball

Masquerade Debut Poster

Masquerade Debut Red Carpet

Masquerade Debutante

Masquerade Debut Decorations

Masquerade Debut Table Setting

Masquerade Debut Centerpiece

Masquerade Debut Court

Masquerade Debut Centerpiece

Masquerade Debut Guest

Masquerade Debut Decorations

Masquerade Debut Band

Masquerade Debut Cotillion Dance

Masquerade Debut Guests

Masquerade Debut Cake

Masquerade Dance

Masquerade Debut Guests

Masquerade Debut 18 Candles

As the Debutante blew out her 18 candles, all she had dreamed and hoped for in the night had come true. Even now, she considers this day to be her most memorable!

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