DIY Tangled Donut Tower

“Rapunzel, let down you hair!!!”

My darling niece is a huge Tangled fan. We recently took her to the “Dare to Dream” Disney on Ice show which featured the Tangled story. She had been waiting to go since October, even picking out her outfit for the night. Unfortunately, on the day of the show she was feeling under the weather but this did not stop her from going!  She came and sat through the entire show without any complaints.  You ask her what part of the show was her favorite and she’ll say all the princesses! What a trooper.

For her birthday, I decided I would try to make her a Tangled Donut Tower. Let me make this clear, I leave all the dessert making to Abby of Piece of Cake. Since this dessert was a no bake dessert I thought why not give it a try. While the construction of the tower was pretty straightforward, the designing portion was the most daunting task.  I got inspiration from these blogs: Supermom Moments & Sweat Peas & Sassafras. After about an hour and a half of work, the tower was complete. As the birthday girl took her first glimpse of the tower, the look on the her face made it all worth it.

tangled birthday

Here are the items I used in making the Donut Tower:

  • 7 plain cake donuts from my local donut shop
  • 1 large cupcake from Ralphs
  • 1 Sugar Cone
  • Yellow Twizzlers
  • 1 bag Lavender Candy Melts
  • 1 can of Betty Crocker Decorating Icing w/tip selections
  • Rapunzel Pez container
  • Paper Flowers from Michaels or Edible Starburst Roses (via Birch & Lily)
  • 1 Square Foam from Dollar Tree
  • 1-2 Green 12X12 Scrapbook paper
  • Cardboard base
  • Dowel Rods / BBQ skewers & Toothpicks
  • Hot Glue Gun & Double-sided tape

How I made my Tangled Donut Tower:

  • Measure and cut Scrapbook paper to wrap around square foam. Using the Glue Gun, wrap the square foam.
  • Measure and cut Scrapbook paper and wrap cardboard base. Hot Glue the Foam to your cardboard base.
  • Using double-sided tape, attach the cardboard base to your cake stand.
  • Stack donuts and insert several dowel rods / bbq skewers for support leaving atleast 2 inches on top for the cupcake. {I had a crumb donut that was large enough to cover most of the base, then I stacked the cake donuts on top}
  • Poke holes at the bottom of the cupcake wrapper where the dowel rods/skewers will meet and insert the Cupcake. Insert 2 additional dowel rods / skewers at opposite ends for added support. Leave 1.5 inches on top for the sugar cone.
  • Top Cupcake with purple frosting {I had no food coloring so I mixed the cupcake frosting with the candy melt. It was an interesting texture but it did the job!}.
  • Coat Sugar cone with lavendar candy melt and set aside to dry.
  • Remove Rapunzel from the Pez container and place at the top of the tower.
  • Cut yellow twizzlers in half. Wrap around the donut tower using small toothpicks. {I found it easier to poke the toothpick through the twizzler before attaching it to the tower}
  • Select the leaf tip and begin icing the donut tower. Remember it’s meant to look like vines on the tower. {I began by covering the base so that the foam was no longer visible.}
  • Add paper flowers or starburst roses for embellishment. {I ran out of time to make the starburst roses but they look so pretty and yummy!}
  • Add the Sugar Cone on top and it’s finished!

The trickiest part is always transporting any dessert. I held of putting the sugar cone on top until we arrived at the party. I used the dowel rods on top to help me support and keep the tower balanced as we drove to the house. I’m happy to say we made it in one piece! I hope you have as much fun as I did making the donut tower. Please share your own photos in the comments below.

blowing out candles

tangled cupcake

tangled birthday

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