{STAR WARS} Princess Leia Baby Shower Games

A {Star Wars} Princess Leia baby shower would be incomplete without some cool Star Wars themed games. My sister-in-laws were incredibly creative in developing a number of fun and unique shower games to go along with our theme. In all honesty, this was probably the first time I have ever seen grown men so eager to join. It was as simple as changing up some traditional baby shower games and adding Star Wars lingo to the name. Here’s a breakdown for your inspiration:

Game 1: Deciphering Yoda’s Parenting Advice:

Guests were asked to decipher Yoda’s speech to find out some essential parenting advice. My sisters used a website, the Yoda Speak Generator, to help them translate each advice into Yoda’s unique way of speaking.

Star Wars Princess Leia Baby Shower-073

Game 2: Light Saber Relay

The Light Saber Relay drew a large group of men and women to compete for major brag rights. The rules of the game were simple: to pass a pacifier from one contestant to the other using only a light saber in your mouth. No hands allowed. Light sabers were created using normal straws with thin Twizzlers inside to make it more sturdy. The tip was wrapped with black construction paper for the handle, completing the light saber look. Sadly for the girls, the guys won this battle.

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Game 3: Jedi Senses

Five Jedi’s were chosen to compete for the ultimate test of their Jedi senses. Each station was a challenge of the 5 senses: Sight, Taste, Touch, Smell and Hearing.

  • Station 1: Jedi’s used their sight to guess the baby products from a set of close-up images.
  • Station 2: Using their taste buds, Jedi’s were asked to guess the name of the baby food in each jar.
  • Station 3: Diapers were filled with different items to look like actual dirty diapers. Using their sense of smell, Jedi’s were asked to guess what each item was.
  • Station 4: A large box was wrapped with a small opening and filled with baby items. Jedi’s had to stick their hands in the box and guess the baby items by feeling each product.
  • Station 5: A laptop was setup up with short audio clips of baby product sounds (ie. baby rattle, nursery music, etc.) The goal was to guess the product by listening to each clip twice.

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Game 4: Dress the Baby Padawan

The last game was probably the most traditional baby shower game. Couples were tied together leaving only one set of hands free. The goal was to work together to undress the baby padawan, remove the “dirty diaper”, wipe and powder the baby’s bottom, put on the new clean diaper and re-dress it with a fresh onesie.

Star Wars Princess Leia Baby Shower-075 Star Wars Princess Leia Baby Shower-076

Don’t forget to check Part 1 and Part 2 of our {Star Wars} Princess Leia Baby Shower to get some great party inspiration for your next Star Wars event!

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