Roaring Twenties Birthday

Of all the party themes to get your guests excited and eager to join the fun, a Roaring Twenties party is by far my favorite. I love seeing women arrive dressed in full on flapper attire with beautiful accessories adorning their heads while men put on dapper suits and fedoras looking like they’re ready to party all night. This Roaring Twenties Birthday was nothing short of perfection in all the details. Not only did the guests play their part perfectly arriving fully dressed in Twenties attire, but the venue certainly set the mood, transporting all of us to the days of prohibition when clubs were hidden in dark underground music clubs. We weren’t of course forced to go down a basement but this dance studio certainly transformed into the perfect venue.

Party Highlights:

  • The Celebrant’s black and white gown was a showstopper and her custom black and red hairpiece was a gorgeous pop of color.
  • Tall feather centerpieces lit up from the base brought some lovely decor and lighting to the affair.
  • Ferrero Rocher name cards served as a beautiful place setting as well as a delicious treat.
  • Guests were asked to leave a special birthday wish and to hang it on a dressing screen, quite a unique guest book.

Roaring 20s Birthday-008Roaring 20s Birthday-002 Roaring 20s Birthday-007 Roaring 20s Birthday-005 Roaring 20s Birthday-001 Roaring 20s Birthday-009 Roaring 20s Birthday-019 Roaring 20s Birthday-031 Roaring 20s Birthday-010 Roaring 20s Birthday-011 Roaring 20s Birthday-012 Roaring 20s Birthday-023 Roaring 20s Birthday-014 Roaring 20s Birthday-015  Roaring 20s Birthday-013 Roaring 20s Birthday-028 Roaring 20s Birthday-037 Roaring 20s Birthday-021 Roaring 20s Birthday-022Roaring 20s Birthday-003 Roaring 20s Birthday-006 Roaring 20s Birthday-038 Roaring 20s Birthday-024 Roaring 20s Birthday-033 Roaring 20s Birthday-025 Roaring 20s Birthday-027 Roaring 20s Birthday-045 Roaring 20s Birthday-043 Roaring 20s Birthday-017 Roaring 20s Birthday-018 Roaring 20s Birthday-020 Roaring 20s Birthday-034 Roaring 20s Birthday-004 Roaring 20s Birthday-016Roaring 20s Birthday-047 Roaring 20s Birthday-046

The night was filled with live music and special performances, a night to be remembered for many years.

Vendor Credits:

Lederle Tecson
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