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Designing a purely Black and White Dessert Table for a Damask themed wedding proved to be quite a challenge. Abby {Piece of Cake} and I spent hours planning and collaborating on the best table design, selection of  desserts, and the perfect balance of black and white accents.  I suggested that [...]
On the last day of our Rocky Pointe Lighthouse VBS, parents were invited to a special presentation by all the VBS kids. The kids shared their new songs, bible verses, and crafts which they learned and crafted during the weekend. Afterwards, all were invited to the Fellowship Hall decked out in [...]
With the release of another Dreamwork’s Madagascar Movie this year, it was only a matter of time before I received a request to design a Madagascar inspired dessert table.  Unlike the new movie, the celebrant’s parents wanted a Jungle inspired table instead of a Parisian Circus [...]
To celebrate the 6th birthday of Abby’s (Piece of Cake) youngest daughter, she decided to have a Yo-Gabba-Gabba themed party because of Kristine’s love of the show. Apparently, there’s something about this show that has all the kids addicted to it. Maybe it’s all the crazy dancing [...]
The coolest trend at the moment for kid’s birthday parties is the Video Game Truck.  Whoever thought of putting a bunch of tv screens and gaming consoles in the back of a large truck is a genius. Recently I was asked to create a dessert table based on the general theme of video games [...]
With the start of baseball season underway, I thought it would be nice to share a simple Baseball dessert table created by Abby of Piece of Cake. I love showcasing dessert tables that can easily be replicated.  It proves that you can create a high impact table without breaking the bank.  This [...]
The most beloved Sanrio character has got to be miss Hello Kitty.  To be honest, I was actually more of a Pochacco fan but I’m obviously in the minority. Hello Kitty is the only character in the whole lot that has gone through a number of transformations to meet the interests and [...]
Since the weather has been growing warmer the past few days, I thought it would be fun to share a Dragon Ball Z Ice Cream Bar.  Some of you may not even remember this Japanese animated series that was all the rage way before Pokemon rose in popularity.  You may be even more surprised that […]
***Sorry for the lack of blog posts.  I have been out of the country for the past couple of weeks participating in our church’s Medical Missions Trip in the Philippines.  Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties, some of the posts I had prepared and scheduled during my absence [...]