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Christmas in our house is never complete without watching A Charlie Brown Christmas. My husband began that tradition when he was a young boy and is now determined to share it with our little one. I was thrilled to find out that one of our  faithful clients were planning their company Christmas [...]
As mentioned on my last post, every year my cousins gather for some Christmas fun. Instead of buying each person a gift (there’s so many of us!), we decided a couple years back that we would have a Sock Exchange instead. Think white elephant but everyone buys a pair of festive socks and [...]
This post is certainly overdue. With all the family gatherings and catching the flu to distract me from blogging, I can finally share my home for the holidays. Christmas and 2012 may be long gone but I hope you can still find some inspiration for your upcoming winter parties. My home decor for [...]
My wonderful sister-in-law owns a family daycare & child learning center named Kidz Haven. It truly is a place where parents can be assured their little ones are being cared for and develop a genuine love for learning. She seriously goes above and beyond her duties by hosting several events [...]
I recently became a member of the Shinoda Design Center, a wholesale warehouse in SoCal. I am in absolute awe of this place! I’m like a child in a toy store, there’s so much great stuff I can’t decide what to take home with me. This is the place where my creative wheels [...]
What door would be complete during this time of the year without a beautiful holiday wreath to adorn it? Browse my top 10 favorite wreath ideas from around the web to get you inspired. Winter Twig Wreath by Design Dining + Diapers This rustic and modern wreath is perfect for my own décor theme [...]
If you are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner, you are probably caught up in the frenzy of holiday preparations.  Here are my top 5 Thanksgiving Tablescapes to help you finalize the details of your family dinner. Timeless Tradition styled by Matthew Mead for Yankee Magazine via French Garden House [...]
Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Too often we’re consumed with preparations for the big family meal that we forget about our little guests. To help in your planning, here are 10 Kid-Friendly Desserts that can be done with the assistance and enjoyment of small hands. 1. Oreo Turkey [...]
Looking for a fun and nostalgic Mother’s Day Brunch idea? What about a 50’s diner themed event? That’s exactly what the college women did for our wonderful mother’s at church. They called it, “Grace Lightning”; an appropriately cute play on words. Guests were [...]