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If you enjoyed all the lovely party details from the Minnie Mouse First Birthday post, then you’ll love all the desserts in this grand Minnie Mouse Dessert Table. Each dessert was homemade and carefully decorated with love by this lucky girl’s mom and aunties. I love all the subtle [...]
This is one bowriffic Minnie Mouse First Birthday party! All the amazing party details were handcrafted by mom and family while all the party printables were designed by dad, a graphic designer, using a pink and purple color palette. The day was filled with great food, including a traditional [...]
If you love Lightning McQueen, then you are going to love this Disney Pixar Cars Dessert Table! This fun table features all the lovable characters from the movie against a red, yellow and black and white checkered color palette. The delicious treats are perfect for a young crowd and the custom [...]
My wonderful sister-in-law owns a family daycare & child learning center named Kidz Haven. It truly is a place where parents can be assured their little ones are being cared for and develop a genuine love for learning. She seriously goes above and beyond her duties by hosting several events [...]
With the release of another Dreamwork’s Madagascar Movie this year, it was only a matter of time before I received a request to design a Madagascar inspired dessert table.  Unlike the new movie, the celebrant’s parents wanted a Jungle inspired table instead of a Parisian Circus [...]
To celebrate the 6th birthday of Abby’s (Piece of Cake) youngest daughter, she decided to have a Yo-Gabba-Gabba themed party because of Kristine’s love of the show. Apparently, there’s something about this show that has all the kids addicted to it. Maybe it’s all the crazy dancing [...]
The coolest trend at the moment for kid’s birthday parties is the Video Game Truck.  Whoever thought of putting a bunch of tv screens and gaming consoles in the back of a large truck is a genius. Recently I was asked to create a dessert table based on the general theme of video games [...]
With the school year coming to a close, I’m sure some are already beginning to plan play dates for your little ones. One simple and fun idea is to host a kid friendly cereal / snack buffet. Mother’s will be impressed by the sweet gesture and kids will be excited for such a special [...]