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Since the weather has been growing warmer the past few days, I thought it would be fun to share a Dragon Ball Z Ice Cream Bar.  Some of you may not even remember this Japanese animated series that was all the rage way before Pokemon rose in popularity.  You may be even more surprised that […]
Hello Spring! What better way to welcome the new season than with a Butterfly themed first birthday party. My adorable god-daughter was the beautiful celebrant of this whimsical occasion and I was privileged to design her grand butterfly dessert table. Mom’s request was for a brightly [...]
As promised on our Under the Sea Birthday party, here is a special post to highlight mommy’s gift of love, a gorgeous dessert table fit for a mermaid! The focal point of the table is the sand castle.  While you may be tempted to take a bite of this beautiful creation, it may surprise you [...]
This post is long overdue! Back in October, I styled two children’s birthday parties back-to-back ; and when I say back-to-back I mean on the same day and in the same house! I literally finished decorating this Under the Sea party downstairs, then moved on to the Super Mario Wii [...]
“Chillin’ in a Winter Candyland…” Before the holiday frenzy, I had the honor of styling my godson’s very first birthday party.  While he probably will not remember much of his party, his mom and I worked hard to make sure that every last detail was taken care of.  [...]
Angry Birds may be the most popular mobile game at the moment so it was no surprise when I was asked to create an angry birds dessert table for a birthday party.  The Birthday boy loves the game so much that he downloaded $30 worth of apps on his parents ipad without them knowing. I […]
“It’s-a-me, Mario! What a tasty treat!” – Super Mario 64 & Advance In every video game, the most important item to retrieve or earn is your life source.  Without it, you might as well say, “game over”. In designing the dessert table, I wanted to mirror this same [...]
If you’re a fan of Super Mario and playing video games, you’re going to love this next party! For my godson’s 10th birthday, he insisted on having a Wii tournament. Big surprise! What boy doesn’t love video games? After going back and forth, his final game of choice: Mario [...]
Lately I’ve been asked to style a number of children’s parties. In order to personalize each event, I’ve sought help from a friend who is a truly talented graphic designer and owner of Beatific Clothing and Jah Screen.  Although his signature designs have a more urban vibe, his [...]
This past weekend I had the privilege of designing a grand dessert table for the cutest little one year old…little man Ezra Nehemiah =) The theme for the event: a vintage circus. Mommy’s request: lots of color!  Naturally I was extremely excited to get started.  I knew instantly that I wanted [...]