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No game day is complete without the “Snack Bar” to keep your energy going. For this All-Star Baby Shower, we created a snack bar / dessert table brimming with traditional ball park salty and sweet treats for guests to munch on. Dessert Table Highlights: The table centerpiece was a [...]
Eat. Drink. Play Ball! My sister-in-law and her husband were happily expecting their second child, a baby boy. Since dad-to-be is a huge sports fan, we decided that the perfect baby shower theme would be an All-Star Baby Shower. We chose a vintage color scheme of light blue, red and white. Most [...]
“Leia….I am your father!” These were the words my hubby was so excited to share with our little girl. For those who have seen my Star Grad posts, you know how much of a Star Wars fan he is. You can imagine his excitement to hear that I wanted to name our baby girl Leah. […]
You may have been wondering why I’ve failed to post since February. Let me first say that I am alive and well. My husband and I have spent the past year focused on welcoming our first baby. It was a difficult pregnancy and so I made the tough decision to put my blog on hold […]
As mentioned on my last post, every year my cousins gather for some Christmas fun. Instead of buying each person a gift (there’s so many of us!), we decided a couple years back that we would have a Sock Exchange instead. Think white elephant but everyone buys a pair of festive socks and [...]
This post is certainly overdue. With all the family gatherings and catching the flu to distract me from blogging, I can finally share my home for the holidays. Christmas and 2012 may be long gone but I hope you can still find some inspiration for your upcoming winter parties. My home decor for [...]
What better way to celebrate the BIG 3-0 then with a Surprise Birthday bash?! For months, Kevin {my bestfriend’s hubby} and I began planning for Leslie’s milestone birthday.  At one point Kevin asked her if she wanted a birthday party to mark her special day and she gave a very firm “no”. She [...]
“Where Kid’s Shine God’s Light!”  For our Church’s annual Vacation Bible School (VBS), we brought the kids to the shores of Rocky Point Lighthouse. My team of volunteers had the task of transforming our church hall into a nautical fun land.  The biggest challenge [...]
And now we come to the end of our “Star Grad” Celebration (Part 1, Part 2) As promised, I have dedicated an entire post to highlight the centerpiece of the graduation party: the Star Wars Dessert Table. This has probably been the most entertaining dessert table that I’ve [...]
And now for PART 2 of our awesome “Star Grad” Star Wars Graduation. Trust me when I say the fun did n0t stop at the graduation, in fact, it was only the beginning! After the graduation we continued our celebration at the graduate’s home. First, let me just say that his mom is [...]