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Come One, Come All to our Carnival of Cravings! Since this was not their first baby, the parents wanted to have something casual and fun.  My inspiration for this baby shower began when I thought of all the unusual food cravings moms-to-be encounter.  While her cravings weren’t over the [...]
As promised on our Under the Sea Birthday party, here is a special post to highlight mommy’s gift of love, a gorgeous dessert table fit for a mermaid! The focal point of the table is the sand castle.  While you may be tempted to take a bite of this beautiful creation, it may surprise you [...]
If you are into designer labels, then you are in for a special treat. Before the holidays, I was asked to style a Louis Vuitton dessert table with my talented friend Abby of Piece of Cake. The birthday celebrant’s request, a sculpted Louis Vuitton Handbag Cake.  Anything else on the [...]
“It’s-a-me, Mario! What a tasty treat!” – Super Mario 64 & Advance In every video game, the most important item to retrieve or earn is your life source.  Without it, you might as well say, “game over”. In designing the dessert table, I wanted to mirror this same [...]
“Welcome to the 1st annual Brio Awards 2011” Last time we featured images from our photobooth at Brio’s Company Luncheon.  This luncheon was to celebrate the company’s successful survey and to recognize key individuals who have done exceptional work for the company.  [...]