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Now for Part 2 of our Beach inspired wedding! I finally get to share with you all my favorite details from this wedding; many of which were handcrafted by the Bride and Groom and their friends & family. We’ll start off with some post wedding shots that really showcase the silly [...]
One of the most memorable days of my life is my Bestfriend’s Wedding.  We’ve been at each other side since were were preschoolers and we were blessed to get engaged within weeks of each other. Naturally we became wedding planning partners! But trust me, this was no bride wars. While [...]
My interest in event planning and design began when I turned 18 and had my debut, a sort of sweet 16 celebration. I ended up taking care of most of the details myself. From then on I was hooked. I started pitching in for every wedding, birthday party, and special occasion I could get my […]