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Christmas in our house is never complete without watching A Charlie Brown Christmas. My husband began that tradition when he was a young boy and is now determined to share it with our little one. I was thrilled to find out that one of our  faithful clients were planning their company Christmas [...]
Last year, my hubby’s side of the family (all 13 of us) embarked on a 10 day medical & dental missions trip to the Philippines. Half of us have no medical training but what we did have to offer was a willing heart to serve the people of Palawan, Philippines.  I was assigned to the [...]
Last year, we prepared a special workshop / luncheon for our children’s Sunday school teachers at church. After a year of many changes and challenges, the faithfulness and dedication of our teachers have been undeniable.  For me, to help organize and decorate this event was the least I [...]
Who doesn’t LOVE a reason to eat SWEETS!!! As promised, we’ve devoted a whole post on the centerpiece of our Winter Candyland birthday party.  Our Winter Candyland Dessert Table is exploding with sweets.  I don’t think I have ever filled a table with more desserts and candy!  [...]
Angry Birds may be the most popular mobile game at the moment so it was no surprise when I was asked to create an angry birds dessert table for a birthday party.  The Birthday boy loves the game so much that he downloaded $30 worth of apps on his parents ipad without them knowing. I […]